Twitter lurkers

Learning to love your lurkers

My husband is a Twitter lurker. In the three years since he set up his account, he’s tweeted a grand total of 13 times. He regularly shows up on my SocialBro dashboard as ‘inactive’. If I followed the advice of the many ‘how to spring clean your social media account’ posts that seem to proliferate […]

Creating around the customer: design thinking and social media

Taunton Library went automated recently, replacing the friendly librarian at the front desk with ranks of what look like supermarket self-service checkouts. You can now borrow, return and renew books and DVDs, and pay any fines or fees you owe, armed only with your library card. Simple. Or at least it should be. I’m a […]

I robot: the perils of auto-tweeting

It’s not often that the news makes me cry, but I cried when I heard about Boston. Tragedies happen all over the world, every day, but an attack on people who’ve come together to celebrate human endeavour and achievement evokes horror on a different scale. I prayed that none of my many running friends were […]

4 free tools that work better than email

Have you ever achieved the nirvana of Inbox Zero? For a few fleeting moments you feel calm, in control, and maybe even a little smug. But it’s not long before messages start appearing again and you’re back in the never-ending war of email attrition. For every message that’s deleted, like the mythical Hydra two more […]

Off target: How NOT to set social media goals

Your social media programme takes time, effort and budget. Whether you’re engaging as an individual, or representing an organisation, you want to be able to track your progress and demonstrate that your strategies are working. Setting some SMART goals seems an obvious answer. But as a 2009 Harvard Business School article ‘Goals Gone Wild’ highlights, […]

Brand management in the age of social: start with people

Social media is no longer the brand new shiny toy. It’s becoming ordinary, part of our everyday lives. Just being present on social networks isn’t enough to create excitement these days. And that means organisations need to rethink their approach if they want to be listened to amidst the rising noise level. That’s the message […]