Looking after your freelancer

How to look after your freelancer

Photo Credit: Ninithedreamer via Compfight cc In May, I celebrated my seven year anniversary as a freelancer. There are now 1.72 million of us in the UK, according to the Telegraph. And a quarter of those working in professional, technical and scientific fields are now ‘iPros’, or independent professionals. Chances are that if you need […]

Facebook secret groups

Facebook’s hidden treasure: the Secret Group

I wrote not so long ago about what a turnoff Facebook’s user experience was becoming. Having been a semi-addict, logging in multiple times a day, I’d found my usage dropping to one or two visits a week at best. Over recent months, however, Facebook’s been exerting its gravitational pull once again. This time, it’s not […]

Linkedin for kids

LinkedIn for kids: smart move or just plain creepy?

Professional networking site LinkedIn announced this week that it’s lowering the age limit for signing up from the current 18. From September 12th, in most parts of the world you’ll be able to get an account on your 13th birthday, although teens in some countries will have to wait a year or more. Cue shock, […]

Power of asking questions

The power of asking questions

My friend “Bob”* works for a large organisation – I’ll call them Company X*. Recently, Bob and the Company X team played host to a prospective new client. They’d prepared perfectly – reams of Powerpoint explaining in detail just how great they were, how enormously clever their team was, and what fantastic work they did […]

browsing second hand bookstore

Can we trust Google with the future of search?

The nature of search is changing. In an increasingly mobile world, typing search strings into little boxes fits less and less comfortably with our lifestyles and how we want to interact with technology. But perhaps more importantly, Google’s getting smarter. Its vision is to be less reactive, less keyword-driven, more science fiction made fact – […]

Stressballeers stress ball

Teaching our kids about business

My 10 year old son is now an entrepreneur. He and his friends are in my kitchen, making stress balls filled with rice, ready to sell at school next week. There ‘s rice on the table, rice on the floor, rice everywhere. It’s a tradition at his primary school that Year 6 spend that limbo […]