Social media is a business reality. It’s not a fad.

For social to really make a difference to your organisation, it can’t be an afterthought or put in a silo. It needs to be tightly connected to the rest of your business.

Whether your goal is to

  • grow sales
  • improve your products/services
  • make your organisation more agile and innovative
  • enhance customer service
  • manage risk

social technologies can be a strategic tool for achieving results.

About Richmond Green

We’re business strategy, communications and digital media experts. We don’t sell you hype. We don’t believe in one-size-fits all. Our recommendations are tailored to your unique business and situation.

We bring together a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to guide you, so you can harness the power of social.

Get in touch to find out how social can supercharge your business.

 Hannah Kirkman, Director and Founder of Richmond Green

Hannah Kirkman

Hannah is a business strategist, marketing professional and social media expert.

With many years’ experience working with large and small enterprises, including Cable & Wireless, the Met Office, Sodexo, and Somerset Skills & Learning, she brings a deep understanding not only of social technologies but how to apply them to solving your business challenges.

A business mentor and former analyst, Hannah’s recommendations are always pragmatic, practical and tailored to you. She’s not about social for social’s sake. She believes in using social media only where it will make a real difference to your business.

Richmond Green Collaborative Network

 Suw Charman-Anderson, Social Techologist, Writer and Speaker

Suw Charman-AndersonSuw Charman-Anderson is one of the UK’s social media pioneers. With a decade of social media experience, she has helped clients worldwide use social tools for collaboration and communication internally and to build customer relationships externally. She has a comprehensive understanding of strategy, implementation and social functionality design, building social interaction into the heart of a website or application. A freelance journalist, she has written about social media and technology for The Guardian, CIO Magazine, .Net Magazine and Computer Weekly, and currently writes a blog for Forbes.com.

Fran Bodley-Scott, Business Communications and Marketing Specialist

Fran Bodley-ScottA freelance business communications specialist and marketing generalist with many years experience in internal and external communications working with organisations ranging from global multinationals, to SMEs and start-up enterprises, particularly in the engineering & technology sector.
Whether it is creative marketing flyers or technical product guides or internal emails to staff, clear communication really matters. Fran’s particular skill is articulating the important information, simplifying complex value propositions and creating the marketing materials, events and internal communications that will engage, educate and inspire.

Daniel Bausor, Managing Director, Famous4 Communications

Daniel BausorDaniel has 20 years’ experience as a business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication specialist, building brands and market share for companies. He is passionate about nurturing customers as ‘advocates’ with their genuine stories to drive awareness and sales for both their organisations as well as the clients’ organisations. Daniel has extensive knowledge of vertical sectors from technology, media and telecoms (TMT) to retail, financial services and the public sector – and what influences decision-makers to buy in those sectors. He is a regular commentator in the marketing press on customer advocacy and the use of video and social media to target specific decision-makers.